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Glenn E. Smith - Served in the United States Army in Korea and the continental United States, and with the United States Air Force / Air National Guard, deploying overseas twice under Operation Enduring Freedom following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He holds an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement and a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, but writing is his passion. He is a published novelist and often cannot seem to write fast enough to keep up with all the stories in his head.

Glenn started writing at the age of 14, but didn’t seriously consider striving toward getting published until well into his twenties. He began writing "Star Trek Phase II: Illustrated" in 2010, and that venture led him to found Dragon Phoenix Media, LLC with that title’s artist, Bill Lutz, and "Star Trek Phase II" actor Charles Root. Glenn’s goal for the company is to present intriguing stories in the science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and paranormal genres that will entertain readers to the fullest.


Bill Lutz Works as an independent illustrator and cartoonist. He has been working both for fun and professionally since 1988. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1988 with a degree in Illustration and Design with a minor in Creative Writing.

Bill has been a fan of comic books since he purchased his first "Fantastic Four" comic book back in the 1970s at age 12. He has been drawing since he was six years old. He began drawing "Star Trek Phase II: Illustrated" back in 2010, which eventually lead to a partnership with Glenn and the forming of Dragon Phoenix Media, LLC. Bill is looking forward to releasing new titles, including his long awaited "Return of the Frontiersmen," and to supervising new artwork and digital comics through Dragon Phoenix Media, LLC.

A die hard "Star Trek" fan, Bill has enjoyed all of the TV series and the first 10 "Star Trek" movies. He is also a fan of animation ranging from the Warner Bros Classics all the way to the current computer animations styles of today. Bill subscribes to philosophy of Pinky and the Brain, world domination with cheese and chocolate

Bill’s biggest goal for Dragon Phoenix Media, LLC as art director is to ensure quality and exciting artwork, a diverse subject matter, and to ensure readers have a great time enjoying all the company's work.


Rob Barnes He is a self-taught artist and musician curren, tly living in far away Auckland, New Zealand. After working in the tire business for 15 years he decided it was time for a change and began to pursue his passion for art. After two years of learning Photoshop and 3D modeling in Maya, Rob and his brothers started the iPhone game development company Squidjuice. He works as the lead artist and is involved in creating concept art, in-game art, and 3D models. Squidjuice has released three games to date: “UDF," “UDF Spitfire,” and their latest game “Buck Rogers Begins-Mission To Saturn.” Rob has also been involved with the “Star Trek Phase 2 Illustrated” comic book with Glenn and Bill as colorist.

Rob’s love of comics goes back to his youth, getting his first comic, “Green Lantern 173” in 1984. Since then his passion for the medium has only grown and he is looking forward to bringing that passion to D.P.M.


Charles Root Jr. Holds a Master’s Degree in Management of Information Systems as well as other degrees in Computer and Political Science. He has worked in the finance and Intellectual Property industries for over 20 years, but has an alter ego that is light years away from his day job.

Charles plays the role of Commander Montgomery Scott “Scotty” in the most successful Star Trek fan film series ever produced, "Star Trek Phase II." Secretly studying theater and modern dance while in college eventually paid off when years later he landed the roll while working as a production assistant on that series.

While unable to draw a straight line to save his life, he does excel at writing, having written many technical pieces for the I.T. industry, and is parlaying that experience into writing for screen as well as into writing a title for Dragon Phoenix Media, LLC. Charles’ love of comics goes all the way back to his youth, when he would spend many a summer hour buried between the pages of "Richie Rich," "Casper," and "G.I. Joe" comics.




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